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Christine DelPrete
Christine DelPrete is the senior director of technology, at Amirsys, Inc., a provider of decision-support and medical learning software to medical professionals. For more than twenty years she has worked closely with technical, product, and executive teams in software, identifying strategic business interests, prioritizing product portfolios, and bringing products to market.

Christine has a strong background of creating high-performance teams and uses the principles of collaboration, mentoring, business agility, agile product design, and agile project management to optimize the delivery of business value. She is dedicated to building motivated, cohesive teams that are focused on delivery and delighting customers.

She is an example of great collaborative leadership, asking questions to help her teams discover their own answers. She challenges whether teams need traditional metrics - preferring to optimize teams towards continuous delivery of value, and then measuring customer satisfaction and adoption.

Christine has proven her leadership methods by successfully leading the 55-person, international volunteer team at the annual Agile Conference for 3 years. Her methods have transformed how that conference organizes its volunteers and event coverage. Her involvement in the agile community goes back many years. She has spoken at the Agile Leadership Summit at the SQE conferences and always contributes to agile learning wherever she can.