who are we?

Caroline Eckford

Caroline Eckford is an internationally experienced forward thinking Quality Assurance Leader with a BSc in Computer Science.

She has an enthusiasm and passion for quality software development with significant experience in effectively applying agile principles and practices in real software projects across multiple industry sectors, working with technical, product and executive teams.

Caroline is an energetic and highly organized individual with over 12 years experience in managing and mentoring global teams to achieve results with the ability to utilize existing knowledge and principles to come up with practical, productive and effective solutions to software development processes.

Her expertise and strengths are in capturing the essence of the customer voice and needs in user stories. She can break down any big story into clearly defined functions and features with clear definition of the 'what' and 'why' while keeping the 'how' out of the story. It is left up to the teams.

Contact Caroline at ceckford@accelinnova.com.