who are we?

Paul Gibson

Paul is a hugely experienced software development manager with extensive experience in product development in IBM for over 30 years. During that time he held significant development and product revenue responsibilities approaching $1B per annum. Since retiring from IBM Paul now works as a consultant with several large companies in the areas of development effectiveness and quality assurance.

Paul is passionate about improving Software Development effectiveness believing that this can both improve the business value delivered and also provide high levels of motivation and reward to team members. In 1998 he was one of the founder members of a group created by the IBM Board to focus on improving quality and effectiveness across the company. As one of 6 members of the steering committee he help create and guide this community based approach to deliver improved results across all 35,000 IBM software developers. From 2006 until his retirement from IBM in 2009, he helped lead, guide, train and transform IBM Software Development teams worldwide in, collaborative, agile and lean approaches to improving both product quality and business value delivered.

Paul also taught Software Development Management as part of the Oxford University Software Engineering Masters and Diploma after chairing their industrial liaison committee for many years.

Paul is also a lifetime Fellow of the British Computer Society and until recently a member of their Academic Accreditation Committee ensuring university courses have the content and quality sufficient to contribute to formal professional accreditation up to Chartered Engineer.

Contact Paul at pgibson@accelinnova.com.