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John Lynch

Since his entry into the world of commercial software in 1989, John has been involved with solving interesting software problems. Whether moving mainframe print jobs to servers, or getting software teams to deliver their very best, he has provided creative solutions. John led the team responsible for inventing the very first mainframe to Unix print server system in the early 1990s. He holds 5 U.S. patents for innovations created during his tenure at Pitney Bowes as Director of Software Development. For John it is all about teamwork!

While with Pitney Bowes John had the unique opportunity to manage software development teams, and at the same time, be involved with coding, integrating, and testing the solutions being built. On several occasions John has been called into action to conduct software training courses for customers and Professional Services consultants. His hands-on experience has given him the ability to see software through the eyes of the end user.

In 2005 John introduced the Agile Software Development methodology to PB to improve the delivery and reliability of their commercial software. He has been working with several teams in PB as part of a larger effort to bring Agile practices to all software teams in the company.

Since retiring from Pitney Bowes, John continues to spread the Agile message as a consultant and Agile Advocate.

Contact John at jlynch@accelinnova.com.