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Niel Nickolaisen

Niel is an experienced, innovative leader with the proven ability to achieve dramatic improvements in personnel and processes such as reducing ERP implementation costs by almost 50%, reducing IT costs while adding new services. He has proven ability to increase the capability of IT departments, improving information systems reliability from less than 90% to more than 99%. Niel has more than 25 years experience in the rapid/adaptive selection, implementation, and deployment of enterprise business applications, analysis tools, and systems.

Niel is the chief technology officer at O.C. Tanner. Niel has spent his career finding rapid, pragmatic ways to improve processes, teams, and results. He is passionate about transforming IT and leadership, and speaks about, writes about, and trains others how to do this. He has held technology executive and operations executive positions; typically in turnaround roles. His strategic and tactical alignment model significantly improves returns on technology and business initiatives.

He is the co-author of The Agile Culture: Leading Through Trust and Ownership, a book focusing on leadership tools for transforming environments and creating high performance organizations. His first book, Stand Back and Deliver: Accelerating Business Agility, covers tools for collaboration, business value to csutomers, and dealing with complexity and uncertainty. Niel writes an enterprise CIO column for TechTarget. CRN Magazine named Niel one of the top 25 IT Executives of 2008. Niel is also one of the founders of The Institute of Collaborative Leadership, a think tank focused on improving organizational and IT agility.

He holds a MS in Engineering from MIT, a BS in Physics from Utah State University, and an MBA from Utah State University.

Contact Niel at nnick@accelinnova.com.