who are we?

Ted Rivera
Ted Rivera has long experience in all facets of software engineering, having worked in development, test, technical support, project management, management, and senior management in a wide range of different roles. His long-standing passion has been working with engineering teams to develop complex software using Agile methods and strong software engineering practices. He has worked with large teams across different sites and geographies, and significant software companies, helping them move to more Lean and Agile approaches.

Ted's background is broad and varied, inside and outside of corporate settings. While he has published dozens of articles on technical subjects, and holds several patents, he has also published several books on wide ranging subjects. He is an accomplished public speaker, having taught Agile and Lean methods to thousands of engineers, and has presented in every conceivable conference and corporate setting imaginable.

Ted's teaching approach borders on unconventional, mixing humor with business wisdom, with the idea that a group that is unconscious rarely learns.