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Training Courses

What attendees like about our classes:
  • Ideas I can take back and apply tomorrow.
  • Clear presentation of model, detailed, multiple concepts covered, great resources.
  • Clear working process models.
  • Challenged me to think about some of my assumptions.
  • Hands-on activities, extra readings, effective examples, was really nice to have a class where we could discuss comfortably, was great to have true examples that we practiced.
  • Practical examples & real world experience in a broad range of environments.

I found the course extremely interesting from my customer support role. It gave us an opportunity to look at a number of items, i.e, how wasteful we are in handling customer issues, further empowering the representatives to handle a case appropriately, etc. Walking away from this training I actually feel energized that these techniques can really change our company and make our products exciting again.

- Technical Support Manager,
Pitney Bowes

  Capacity Building

Learn how to put our tools to work through interactive seminars and workshops.
  • Enterprise Agility
    Based on our research and the results of our work in the most demanding of environments, we believe that there are Four Pillars of Enterprise Agility, covered in this course. These are:
    1. Collaborate to drive continuous innovation.
    2. Focus on competitive advantage to excel at decision-making.
    3. Continuous process improvement to reduce complexity, increase operational excellence, and unleash capacity.
    4. Trust to reduce time-to-market.

  • Executive Onboarding For Agility
    Steps and guidelines for leaders as they move their organization to lead change in the marketplace.

  • Make Better Decisons, Today!
    What if it all comes down to making better decisions? Learn to use an enhanced business value model to develop decision filters to help you focus on your differentiators. Iteratively, use this model to determine when you are ready to go to market.

  • Collaboration and Leading Collaboration
    Two models and one process help you lead collaboration. Our tools help you create an environment of collaboration accross your entire organization bringing agility to your business.

  • Trust and Ownership
    Trust is free to implementent and can deliver dramatic improvements in results. But how do leaders create a culture that fosters trust and gives ownership? Our tools can help you understand how to unleash the talent in your organization.

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