leadership transformation models

What is Effective Leadership?

In today's fast-paced, technology-driven marketplace, leaders must be better than ever. This requires leaders to deliver in a number of areas including:
  • Collaborating to identify how to create competitive advantage - this is where to focus organizational innovation.
  • Unleashing and developing the talents of everyone in the organization.
  • Understanding where best to allocate people and attention.
  • Being really good at getting the right things done.
  • Continually improving leadership skills and talents.
In today's world, organizational effectiveness requires nimbleness and agility. How does effective leadership change in such a world?

In order to move both fast and well, leaders create a culture of trust and ownership. What does that mean and how does it map back to competitive advantage, unleashing and developing talent, resource allocation, execution and leadership? And, how does all of this link back to organizational culture?

Leaders create the culture. Using our highly-effective, pragmatic tools, leaders deliver in all of these areas. We take the concept of culture from being something nebulous and inexact and turn it into a powerful tool driven by great leadership.

Trust-Ownership Model