who are we?

We are practitioners faced the same situations and decisions you face: increased competition, change driven by technology, how to improve execution and be innovative, how to avoid costly mistakes, etc. We needed tools that would help us succeed - and quickly. So, we developed them. Now, steal our stuff and put them to use! Need help? Let us know.

Our Leadership

Pollyanna Pixton
Collaborative Leadership

Passionate. Direct. Realistic, not just theory. "Help people take ownership and don't take it back."

Niel Nickolaisen
"Turn Around" Executive

Realistic. Strategic. Business agility. "Common sense, just not common practice."

Senior Consultants

Paul Gibson
Product Development

Wise. Passionate. "This is not complicated. We cannot defy gravity."

Caroline Eckford
Quality Focus in Agile

Kent McDonald
Business Analysis

"Deliver value. Collaborate. Iterate. Simplify. Consider context. Decide wisely. Reflect and adapt."

Todd Little
Portfolio Management

Manage uncertainty and complexity. "It's all about making ship happen."

Chris Matts
Real Options in Practice

Inventive. Creative. Illustrative. "Never commit early unless you know why."

Christine DelPrete
Product Management and Delivery

On the ground. "It's all about people. Pay attention and you cannot fail."

Ted Rivera
Agile and Lean

An unconventional trainer with the idea that a group that is unconscious rarely learns.

John Lynch
Process Coach

Committed. Discovery. Learning. "Wait! Things will get better."


Venkat Subramaniam
Test Driven Development

Hands on. Expert jump start. "I sit down with you and we go."