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By Pollyanna Pixton
Pollyanna has written on collaboration, collaborative leadership, and creating cultures of agility for many publications including Cutter Consortium, Better Software,, and Links to some of her works are below. Pollyanna keynotes, presents and is recorded often. Some of her webcasts and podcasts are below.
By Niel Nickolaisen
As a turn-around CIO, Niel writes about how technology can become a strategic partner in organizations. He writes regularly for Tech Target, Search CIO, and CIO Magazine. His work has also been published by the Cutter Consortium and International Institute for Analytics. Browse some of his writings here.

Speaking? Yes, we do! And often.

See Pollyanna at:

8-11 June 2015
"Six Free Things to Improve Agile Success" tutorial, and "Creating a Culture of Trust", Session. Agile Development Practices, Las Vegas, NV

20 June 2015
"Creating a Culture of Trust", and "How are Leaders Transformed to Lead Agile (or How I Learned to Shut Up)" with Julie Urban, Agile Roots 2015, Salt Lake City, Utah

8-12 November 2015
"Six Free Ideas to Improve Agile Success" and "Collaborating with Non-Collaborators", Tutorials.
Agile Development Practices, Orlando, Florida

If you have not heard Pollyanna Pixton you are in for a treat. Not only does she have the best Cold War Super Hero name of all the agilists, she is a great speaker.
- Bob Payne, Agile Toolkit