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Consulting and Coaching Feedback:

The leadership skills, ideas, and processes you have taught to me along the way have been invaluable. Being a collaborative leader, instilling a sense of trust and creating a work place that people want to be in has been so in line with my personal values and how I want to be in my career. THANK YOU!!! I am really grateful for the knowledge you have given me.

- Marketing Director,

I found the consulting extremely interesting from my customer support role. It gave us an opportunity to look at a number of items, i.e., how wasteful we are in handling customer issues, further empowering the representatives to handle a case appropriately, etc. Walking away from this training I actually feel energized that these techniques can really change our company and make our products exciting again.

- Technical Support Manager,
Pitney Bowes

Business Transformation

A large technology company was faced with increasing competition, internal complexity, and price and cost pressures. This company needed to increase innovation while streamlining operations. We trained their leadership, product, and project leaders in our tools. This company has seen dramatic results. One team, after a single day of training, reduced their software product planning cycle from three months to three days. The team improved their product functionality while reducing their time-to-market and development costs and risks.

Improve Time to Market

A mid-sized consumer package goods company felt that they needed to replace their entire suite of IT systems. They engaged a traditional consulting organization to provide guidance. After several months and mounting costs, this company asked us to train them on our planning, alignment, and decision-making tools. We spent two hours with the executive team to develop a meaningful, actionable strategic plan. We then trained the system replacement project team in our tools. After investing a total of 20 hours with us, the company reduced their system project cost and timeline by 50%.

Do More With Less

A services organization lacked the capacity to pursue quality opportunities. We worked with the leadership team to develop their areas of focus and trained their implementation teams on our decision-making tools. Over the next year, revenue grew by 93% while costs grew only by 35%.

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