lead collaboration

What kind of leadership do we need to lead change?

What do we want? Delighted customers. And how do we get that? Innovative, exciting products and services that our customers want and need - products they love to use!

Bring talented people together with a purpose to delight customers around shared ideas. Empower them. Trust them. Stand out of the way and let them do their work. Sounds easy but not many leaders are succeeding at this. Our models and tools help you make it happen; help you create a culture open to the possibilities of change, one that can respond quickly to customer needs and wants, one that is agile. Our courses provide the tools you need to engage your organization in creating such a culture.

The first four modules are covered in one day and the last module in one day.
  • Collaboration and Collaborative Leadership
    How to create an open environment, collaboration tool, how to lead collaboration.

  • Step Up and Step Back
    How to give ownership, authentic motivation, how not to take ownership back, macro leadership tool.

  • Creating a Culture of Trust
    What leaders can do to foster trust, cost of lack of trust, dealing with broken trust, removing barriers to trust, team to team trust.

  • Making Better Decisions
    Purpose-based alignment model, billboard test, creating decision filters, business value velocity.

  • Collaborating with Non-Collaborators
    Tools to collaborate with people who resist working in a team environment.

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