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Balancing your portfolio, managing complexity and uncertainty.
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Goverance and Delivery

Manage risk? Focus on each project's complexity and uncertainty.

Todd Little's model assist you to balance portfolios and use the optimal processes to deliver the right product right. Using Little's Project and Protfolio Goverance Model you identify the risks you may encounter and tools to lead projects with different complexities.

Step 1: Assessment
Uncertainty Drivers: The uncertainty of a project is dependent upon market conditions and upon the project constraints. Attributes to consider include market uncertainty, technical uncertainty, project duration and scope inflexibility.

Complexity Drivers: The complexity of a project is a characteristic of the project structure. Some attributes to consider include team size, mission criticality, team location, team maturity, domain knowledge gaps and dependencies.

Step 2: Analysis
Uncertainty Complexity
Opportunities to reduce Uncertainty:
  • Use proven technologies
  • Reduce project duration
Opportunities to reduce Complexity:
  • Collocate the team
  • Break project into sub-projects

Project boundaries should be setup to have Loose Coupling and Strong Cohesion.

Step 3: Project Governance
Project Project
Dog Novice/None Just the core practices
Colt Development lead Short iterations with continuous feedback
Cow Seasoned Project Manager Structured project plans with appropriate documentation
Bull Mentor Iterations and feedback to deal with uncertainties and appropriate structure to deal with the complexity

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