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Accelinnova Presentations
We are happy to give you access to our presentation slides. If you cannot find one you would like, email us at

Most Recent:
  1. "Collaboration and Collaborative Leadership"
    By Pollyanna Pixton (Keynote and Talk)
  2. "Leading Collaboration: A Workshop"
    By Pollyanna Pixton (Workshop)
  3. "When to Step Up, When to Step Back"
    By Pollyanna Pixton (Agile 09, Agile Development Practices, Classes and Tutorials)
  4. "The Leadership Imperative: Creating a Culture of Trust"
    By Pollyanna Pixton (Agile2009, Better Software Expo 09, Classes and Tutorials)
  5. "Leading Up"
    By Pollyanna Pixton
  6. "Five Actions CIOs Can Take Today To Generate Business Value"
    By Niel Nickolaisen (CIO Perspective SF, Agile2008)
  7. "Creating Environments Where Agile Emerges"
    By Pollyanna Pixton (Agile2008)
  8. "Leading Change Through Collaboration"
    By Pollyanna Pixton (MPI Conference 08, Better Software Expo 08)
  9. "Ensuring Business Value from Distributed Testing in an Agile Environment"
    By Pollyanna Pixton (Better Software Web Seminar, July 2008)

Most Popular:

We are happy to speak or hold seminars for your company or organization. Contact us +1 . 612 . 605 . 2370 to find a schedule fit for you. Our public schedule can be found on our Speaking Events and News page.

For more information, contact us at +1 . 612 . 605 . 2370 or via email at

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